box truck loaded with boxesRoutine Delivery service with Box truck

Miere Trucking provides routine route delivery with a box truck for wholesalers, and manufacturers who need products shipped to retail storefronts.

It can be costly for shippers to maintain their own fleet, drivers, and manage their product. You can outsource local deliveries to us, and we will pick up your shipment whether it’s on pallets, and or boxes/cartons and get your product to their destinations safely and on time.

We are courteous and helpful to all those we come in contact with whether it’s at a warehouse, traffic, or storefront.

You will save money working with us because you will pay when you need products shipped only. If you had to manage your own fleet, you will pay when nothing needs to be shipped. Insurance, vehicle payments, etc.

We understand that all companies have personalized needs, and with this understanding, we will remain open and flexible to your personalized needs.

Our equipment includes box truck and Cargo vans which allow us to easily maneuver through urban cities such as New York and Philadelphia.

The benefit of shipping to storefront locations using a box truck is that we can find ways to easily park and delivery to all of your vendors. Additionally, there will be no reason to use a large truck to deliver when you have small shipments. Our box trucks will get the job done.

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We provide Trucking Service for:






pallet loaded box truck

Expedite Service

We offer Expediting service for companies that need emergency shipments. You can work with us in addition to your main carrier to handle emergency freight. Whether its warehouse to warehouse or warehouse to store, we will help you get the loads there. If you need to ship less than 7 pallets we can take care of it with our box trucks.

Call 757-310-3802 or 732-268-9831 to ask a question, or to get service.