Delivery & Expediting service

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What can Miere Trucking do for you?

Quality Delivery service!

Great Pallet Shipping Rates!

Miere Trucking can provide you with routine delivery service or Expediting service sometimes called Hotshot Shipping. We can pick loads up from your warehouse and deliver them to multiple locations for you, or we can move it to another warehouse. Miere Trucking provides service for New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.


Miere Trucking can assist you in getting loads to and from places safely and timely.

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We provide service for warehouses, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

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Creative and Flexible

We aren’t like other truck delivery services. Flexibility is at the forefront of our service to avoid being too fixed on one thing. Every company we work with have unique shipping issues that need to be solved, and with this knowledge, we remain open, flexible and creative to work with organizations to provide delivery service that will fit their unique shipping needs and budget.

From package delivery to pallet delivery, we can get the job done.

What makes a good courier service? Communication and the ability to get the job done. We have both! We do our best to communicate with shippers to get the job done right.

Shipping Rate

Not only are we flexible with our service, but we are flexible with our rates. We do not have a problem with negotiating rates with shippers. Our goal is to come up with rates that will benefit all parties involved. We understand lots of shippers want the cheapest rates, but the cheapest rates often come with cheap service. At Miere Trucking we want to grow, and expand to provide high-quality service in quantity. Which means quality equipment/vehicles, quality drivers, and technology to improve the efficiency of our service.